Explore the Chiang Mai countryside by bike

Departure: 8.30 am – end: 5 pm – 5.30 pm (68 € – 2300 baht)

57 km tour


Pedal easily through the lush and vibrant countryside of Chiang Mai. Take the kids on this adventure to Chiang Mai which includes lots of fun and easy cycling.

Velo Chiang Mai

The bike tour will start at 8:30 because we have a train to take.


We will pedal to the train station to take the train to Lamphun. Bike in the train for a short drive that will take you south to Lamphun. Bike from Lamphun Station through the sacred temple of Phra That Hariphunchai. The tour will cross the countryside towards Chiang Mai Break in a small village for delicious Thai cuisine.


Across the Ping River and through the rice paddies, you will arrive at the Ban Tawai Sculptor Village, leading to the Hang Dong District Market, for a tour of the local market and fresh drinks and local Thai snacks. On the way, we will stop in an ancient forest sanctuary of one of the founding kings of Chiang Mai.


We arrive at the famous temple and meditation center of Wat Umong. Stroll through the caves of the temple. Back on the bike for the last stretch in the old town of Chiang Mai to conclude the bike tour.

Discover the charms of old Chiang Mai

Departure: 9h30 – end: 13h30 (38.5 € – 1300 baht)

Tour of 11 Km


This tour shows you the highlights of the old town of Chiang Mai at the slow pace of cycling. This easy-going adventure is perfect for kids, so bring the whole family!


The bike tour will start at 9:30. The bike is easy. It’s a relaxed way to explore Chiang Mai. Walking through the narrow streets of the old town, you will visit some of the main sights of old Chiang Mai.


The Tha Phae Gate was once the gateway through which merchants brought their wares into the city. At this beautifully restored gate, discover the history of Chiang Mai as a trading hub. From Tha Phae Gate to nearby Somphet Market. The next stop on Wat Chiang Man is where the old marble and crystal Buddha images are engraved. Pedaling through the alleys of Chiang Mai, you will arrive at the cosmological heart of Chiang Mai, called the navel of the city.


The next step is the largest monument in Chiang Mai. Wat Chedi Luang which was built to house the ashes of a king and was once the residence of the Emerald Buddha (now at Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok).


The bike tour ends at the Grasshopper Adventures shop, it’s the end of this unique and charming bike tour in the old town of Chiang Mai.

Explore the verdant Chiang Mai

Departure: 10 am – end: 5 pm (€ 62 – 2100 baht)

39 km tour


The bike tour will start at 10:00. Take the whole family on a cycling adventure that will remain etched in their memories.


We drive west on a mountain bike to Merida via Chiang Mai City and Chiang Mai University towards Doi Suthep, ending with wooded trails at the foot of Doi Suthep.


It is here that we begin the gradual ascent towards the reservoir of Tueng Tao Lake. After a bike ride around the reservoir, we stop for a lunch by the lake.


If you brought a swimsuit, you can also jump into the lake. Drive east along the banks of the Ping River, roam rice fields and vegetable gardens, then return to the old town of Chiang Mai, cycle through alleys and alleys. The bike ride ends at the end of the afternoon. All participants enjoy a cool drink at the Grasshopper Shop before saying goodbye.

Evening visit of the old town of Chiang Mai

Departure: 17.45 – end – 22.00 (40 € – 1350 baht)

14 km tour


Enjoy the flat terrain and small quiet roads on this easy and relaxing bike ride.
The bike tour will start at 18:00


On the road to the eastern gateway of Chiang Mai’s old town, Thapae Gate, we will take the picturesque streets of the old city. The next stop is Wat Intakhin, with its 700-year-old white Buddha and the Three Kings monument where we will tell you about the founding fathers of Chiang Mai. Cross Wat Lok Molee with its beautifully illuminated stupa.


At this time of day, you have a good chance to hear the monks sing their prayers. The next stop is the largest monument in Chiang Mai. Wat Chedi Luang which was built to house the ashes of a king and was once the residence of the Emerald Buddha (now at Wat Phra Kaew of Bangkok). For the last stop, a small gastronomic tour of Chiang Mai Gate Market. The visit usually lasts between 3 and 4 hours, but this varies according to the groups. Dinner is not included in the tour, but we include some fun and tasty snacks in the small Chiang Mai Market Tour.