Trekking in Chiang Mai | TREK to NONG KRITSUNAI

Kalaka Tours offers to come live a few days in the village of Karen Nongkritsunai 80 km from Chiang Mai and share their life and activities for 4 days.


Live at the rhythm of nature and cultures of a Karen village.


If you are not afraid to abandon the comfort of hotels and guesthouses, go on a trek to meet Karen.

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You will be immersed in the life of an authentic mountain village and welcomed as friends or even family members. And despite the language barrier, you get to share and share amazing moments that just with a smile, with them as long as you dare because they are very open and happy to make you discover their day to day and integrate you slowly.


The karens of this village live mainly from the cultivation of rice, cabbage and onions, but peanuts, plantations that punctuate the year and change the landscape according to the seasons. Who says rice growing in the mountains, says rice terraces. The rice fields that require the most work to be cultivated but which offer the most beautiful landscapes, but also breeding of cattle in beautiful pastures


I do not tell you too much what you will do if you come because there is no program, a professional formula for a fixed organization. The principle is precisely to allow you to enjoy the exceptional setting of this little mountain and to let you live spontaneously and choose the moments of life and activities that you want to put in your stay will be unique, because only you will have lived .


However, you can go for walks in the neighboring villages, go to a coffee plantation to help harvest during the season of course, introduce you to local weaving or simply choose to help in the fields and at the end of the day aperitif local and dinner around a fire.

Only on Request

Minimum 4 people max 6 people